Cyber Skills

adult agreement blur brainstormingWith so many businesses looking for people with “cyber skills”, what is it, exactly, that they are looking for?  The answer isn’t simple, and every business is different. But ask any hiring manager and a few trends pop up. Here’s what hiring managers said recently when asked about it. Note that no one job needs all of these, and no one person likely has all of these skills and abilities. But you will find these, or ones similar, if you look at open cybersecurity role descriptions.

If these skills and abilities sound like you, or if they describe a job that you would find interesting and exciting, then a career in cybersecurity may be for you.

General technical skills

  • Networks of all types and levels
  • Computer technical knowledge skills
  • Internet and social media knowledge
  • Risk awareness and risk management practices
  • Current vulnerabilities and emerging threats
  • Programming skills
  • Knowledge of open source tools
  • Knowledge of contemporary standards, practices, procedures and methods

General non-technical skills

  • People (communication) / soft skills including writing, charting, presentation and personal interaction with colleagues and management
  • Strong analytical, examination and diagnostic skills
  • Ability to collaborate and share information
  • Ability to work methodically; detail oriented
  • Enthusiastic and highly adaptable
  • Ability to get the job done

Cybersecurity Skills 

  • Information systems and architecture design
  • Incident response
  • Malware and forensic incident analysis
  • Information security program and project management
  • Information assurance
  • Gathering and analyzing incident data
  • Developing and implementing information systems security programs, polices, and procedures
  • Leading teams in cyber incidents and responses
  • Identifying and analyzing cyber security threats and providing mitigation strategies
  • Identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities, vulnerability scanning and penetration testing
  • Evaluating security incident response policies
  • Reviewing proposed new systems, networks, and software designs for potential security risks



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